I was sick in the middle of the night and mom was all ready to take me to the doggie ER and then she thought "hey I remember there was ask a vet on the internet" so she googled it and she got which said:  Veterinarians   Connect one-on-one with a veterinarian who will answer your question.  Well that sounded just like what we needed.  So mommy kept reading. Here is some of the info from their site. 

Ask your question
1 A veterinarian usually responds in minutes.
2 Connect with a veterinarian - Licensed professionals confirmed by a third-party verification firm.
3 Talk 1-on-1 online - Receive the veterinarian's answer and ask follow-up questions if needed.

We put every Expert through an 8-Step Expert Quality Process, and we confirm their credentials with a third-party verification firm.

We strive to respond to customer needs for fast, affordable access to expert help 24/7. In fact, the average wait time for an expert response is an industry-leading 7 ½ minutes.
Our first priority is to help people, which is backed up by the JustAnswer Promise®: If you’re not happy, we will give your money back.

Experts to choose from include: Lawyers, Doctors and Specialists, Mechanics, Electronics and TV, Computers and Mobile Devices, Home Improvement, Veterinarians & More - which includes Top Professionals and Appraisers. 


Mommy typed in my info and sure enough, we got a real vet. Her name or ID was NEKOVET. I'm not sure if that was her first name or her last name but anyway, Nekovet was super nice.  She was a licenced veterinarian. On this service you don't pay until after you see the answer.  Mommy typed in my issues and she came back very promptly with questions and responses. They conversed via email You can choose to do it over the phone. And they don't ask you to pay until after you are done. They ask you to rate your service and then you can pay. Ours was 23 bucks. WAY cheaper than heading into the doggie ER. And at the end they ask if you want to tip your professional. You can say yes or no. Mommy did. And I would have added in a couple meatballs for if they had that option, but they didn't.  Mommy stopped freaking out so badly and I think it saved her a whole bunch of money and probably saved  Grammy Barbie (who mommy called on the phone at 2 AM) a lot more phone calls.  We knew I wasn't going to DIE before my vet appointment in 6 hours. Trust me. Mom thought for sure that was going to happen. 

We found the service VERY easy to use. AND you can choose your same person again later if you want to. They offer monthly plans too. I guess that's for people who have lots of questions. We only had 1 issues' worth so we did just the one question.  

We got a informed answer, the vet seemed like she really was concerened and we give it 4 paws up. Which is good. like whoo hoo!  not bad  like a dead 4 paws up.

** NOTE we had a VERY positive experience with HOWEVER, when I went to look something up about them for a friend after writing this article I DID come across some very negative info. Our family would use this site again, but wanted to make sure we were fair and shared ALL the info we had.

You know I love my toys. Squeaky soft toys are my fav. My sis Bunnee loves any toy you can throw. These toys by Aunty Em
meet all of our strigent criteria. Soft, tossable and FUN.

I like the braided one with a KONG squeaky ball attached to it. I can squeak squeak it and make all the other dogs jealous.

Bunnee likes ALL of them. If you can throw it, She LOVES it. 

Mommy likes them because if they get all nasty she can wash them and they don't come apart easily. 

You can find these HAND MADE super duper toys at:

Stuff I like:
Super Premium
Pet Foods!

Rickie Roo & PM2 Dog Agility Team Partner with NutriSource & KLN Family of Products.

Rickie Roo canine supermodel, athlete, actress and spokesdoggie proudly announces the partnership of  NutriSource super premium pet foods / KLN Foods and the PM2 Dog Agility Team of canine athletes.  As competitive dog agility enthusiasts, Rickie Roo and her crew know good nutrition is of utmost importance for the canine athlete.  The quality ingredients and dedication to quality control make NutriSource a brand the team can rely on. NutriSource has a wide range of formulas to meet all the needs of the variety of canine athletes on the team, from the youngest (4 mo) to the oldest (14 years), the smallest (11 lbs) to the biggest (80 lbs) and is able to address the special needs of the dogs with special food needs for allergies, Addisons and sensitive systems.

You may recognize 8 year old Rat Terrier Rickie Roo from her covers on Dog Fancy and Dog World Magazines, various breed calendars or maybe from the media coverage surrounding her return to the sport of dog agility after suffering from the genetic disorder Primary Lens Luxation (PLL). Although she is now partially sighted she is still able to be  competitive in the sport of dog agility.   She believes that NutriSource Prairie blend will be just the thing to keep her energized while promoting genetic testing, responsible dog ownership and of course, while doing her thing in front of the camera, be it on an agility course, stage, film set or speaking engagement.

This partnership with NutriSource will benefit the entire team of dogs that include Rat Terriers, Border Collies, Shetland Sheepdog, Tibetan Spaniels and Mixed Breed dogs among other breeds.  The PM2 Dog Agility Team was founded in 1999 with canine athletes Pjpupp, Mojo and Magi and gradually grew to include up to 26 athletes a year. They travel throughout the USA promoting responsible dog ownership, competing in agility trials and acting as spokesdoggies, actors and models for various projects. 

Rickie Roo is looking forward to sharing her love of NutriSource and sharing free samples with her fellow athletes, actors and models while traveling around the USA and while writing for and other websites and publications.

To learn more about the NutriSource Super Premium Pet food go to
Find us on Twitter
or visit our facebook pages

Stuff I like:

Frankie & Lola
Jewlery Quality Pet Tags & Sweet Momentos

They are handmade with LOVE

When my pals Frankie and Lola the chinese cresteds got their mom to start her new hobby of making dog tags, who knew it would grow into a REAL BUSINESS venture? We were one of their first real customers and ordered tags for everyone in our family. We still wear those exact tags today. 

Since those first tags Love Frankie and Lola has an Etsy store: and a groovy FB page! 

Some of her most popular items are the crate tags. I personally love my old school regular dog tag. Tierney likes the mini thick tags that go on sale the last Thurs of the month. 

Mommy has a memorial bracelet for PJpupp, some of the round earrings, all sorts of tags and you know what I got?

A super special custom made boyfriend/ girlfriend tag that I got from Mr. Willis for my birthday! It's like a promise ring only a promise tag. I wear mine all the time but he has his hidden away somewhere.  I can't show you what's on the back 'cause that's SECRET.

We have ordered manly gifts from her... the BAM that just happened pendant is for a good friend of ours who had a major bicycle boo-boo but eventually ended up just fine and back on the bike again, getting more boo-boos that are not as bad. And we have ordered special memorial keychains and necklaces for some of our special friends. If you want a one of a kind handmade gift that is TOTALLY AFFORDABLE, this is it. Good for Pet lovers and for just normal people too. Like the beer opener. Don't have to like pets to need to open a soda or cold brewski while on the trail. 

I put pics of the stuff we have on the top row and stuff that is cool on the bottom row so you can see that some of the other stuff she has is super fancy. I say go ahead and check out her page. I'd like it even if she wasn't my sister Gigi's Dogmother. 


If you think you have some STUFF I'd like, you should send it to me and maybe I'll post it here on this very page!

Stuff I like: Harley's Bakery!
I got the YUMMIEST gift in the mail. It was a big bone cookie and it had a WHOLE BUNCH of itty bitty little sun or flower cookies with it. As soon as the box came I knew it was for ME and I tried to open it. When I got the cookie it was DELICIOUS.  And it had my name on it too!
Harley herself (pictured above) asked how I liked her cookies. 
If you wonder how much I liked the cookie like he did, see for yourself . Here is a video.   I didn't share even one bite with any of my sisters or brother. If you want cookies just like this but with YOUR dogs name on them you can get them at Harley's Etsy store:  

Harley said "I just want everyone to know that we have a new flavor coming out on July 1st, and all through June you will get a free sample when you purchase anything from Harley's Bakery on etsy!" FREE SAMPLE? That's my kind of cookie! FREE ONES. 

They have LOTS of great flavors. I posted a photo of the ingredients of this most delicious cookie. Harley's bakery sells them on Etsy so it's easy to get one for your doggie friends for a gift, or a great doggie birthday party surprise!  

Ranking 5 of 5 stars. Great ingredients,
super yummy, crunchy, cute to look at
and good for dogs of all sizes. 

Update: You can learn a lot aobut Harley's Bakery in this article: ​


I decided that since I was only writing 5 star reviews, I might as well change the title of this section to STUFF I LIKE instead of REVIEWS. I'll let you know if I just KINDA like it. If that's the case I'll say what I'd like to see improved so you know the truth. 


Can they tell what breed my dog is?

Well, this is not that kind of DNA kit. It's a HEALTH CHECK DNA kit. But I suppose if they ran your panel and the only things you had wrong were breed specific  Like Ichthyosis (Golden Retriever type) and 
L-2-hydroxyglutaric aciduria (Staffordshire Bull Terrier type) L-2-hydroxyglutaricacidemia, Organic aciduria, L-2-HGA - then you'd know you had a Golden Staffy. 

However if you were all healthy then you'd not learn that kind of thing. But you can write me and I'll take a guess from your picture. But I'm no Dr. or even a Vet.

Canine HealthCheck

Canine HealthCheck is a DNA kit. It will test your dog for over 150 different type of genetic disorders. 

Many of my fans are rescue dogs or mixed breed dogs . They have no idea what breed their mommy and daddy are. So doing a traditional DNA panel for your breed to know what genetic defect they may have would be hard to do... and costly. And for the doggies like little Bella who is a Cavalier x Bichon mix paying for both the Cavalier panel AND the Bichon panel could be SUPER expensive. 

BUT the people at made a test that works for PUREBRED and MIXED BREED dogs. Resue or non rescue. You get the kit (usually 129.99 - but watch their Facebook or Twitter page for places that are selling at a discount) and then the humans use a little swab to collect dna from the doggies mouth. It looks like a mascara wand and doesn't hurt at all. You do 5 of those I think. Then you send it back in and they do all the work OVER 150 tests for ALL THE BREEDS. WOW! Then you get an email and they tell you what they learned about your dog from their spit. My little cousin Rhett had NOTHING wrong. My pal Mushu had a heart condition her mommy didn't know about. Mine showed my PLL. 

How cool is it that you can learn about the genetic defects for ANY type of dog? Pretty cool I think.  Check out their website for info be sure to check out THIS page with all the stuff this test looks for

Knowledge is POWER!

Vineyard House, Santa Ynez, CA
As you know my guy Mr. Willis and I travel quite a bit. I decided it was time for me to give reviews on some of the places we go, good or bad. I'm an honest terrier, so you can trust what I say here. 
In the beginning of June 2016, Mr. Willis and I went to a dog show in Santa Ynez, CA. Because it was a special weekend for us, we decided to go to dinner. We chose the Vineyard House  because it was just down the street from the mansion we were staying at for the weekend and our hostess G-ma D told us it was her FAVORITE restaurant in the area. 

We knew the place was dog friendly, but when it comes to our pack, there are a LOT of dogs so Aunt Mary made Mommy call first before we showed up to make sure A LOT of dogs (well behaved ones) were ok.  The man on the phone said OF COURSE and so off we went. We invited aunt Tamar to go with us so we met her there.

When we got there it looked so FANCY. Twinkly lights pretty trees and flowers and the owner himself led us to our own table that he had all set JUST FOR US on the patio! We got a doggie menu and human menus and he brought us our own water bowls too. Tierney and Maple, Gigi, LCpie and Porter Pup were all in their boxes that we brought with us (portable crates) and since it was OUR date, Mr. W and I stayed table side. Murray and Riff (AKA Sparkle Pants) watched us through the car window, as they were in a super shady spot and wanted to pretend they were at a drive in show.  Mommy can't trust our rat pack, so that's why they came with us, but stayed in their boxes so we would have some privacy. 

We ordered Grilled Chicken for our meal but we thought about the steak and changed our minds because we thought my mom might try to eat it all. 

Mommy ordered chicken picatta, Aunt Mary got risotto and Aunt Tamar got a brie plate. They all said their food was WONDERFUL. Aunt Mary really liked her wine. She is kind of a wine snob so that was good. 

I loved our grilled chicken and Mr. W and I got so much we shared with the rest of the pack.

They were VERY dog friendly We saw one other poofy white dog sitting on a chair while his mommy fanned him. He was kind of barky. We were not. We were on a date afterall. 

Anyway, we give the VINEYARD HOUSE a 5 star rating.
Dinner prices (entrees)  ranged in the 20 buck area
Aunt Mary said the wine was WONDERFUL
The atmosphere was romantic yet not too mushy gooshy
The owner was SPECTACULAR
The chef special ordered a meal for my mom
The server was great and so helpful to us.
Not one bad thing to say! 


RANKING: 5 of 5 Stars! Can't get much better!

New Product Review

Oh YEAH A DANCE just for ME

  You can see my dance Here on Youtube: 

I LOVE IT. He will do dances as mario and as a ninja, etc. you can check him out on or on twitter @bagioninjadancer

RANKING: 5 of 5 Stars. If I could give more I would. Fun. Personalized. Very affordable.

Fiverr - BagioDancer / custom dance

Fiverr is a site where you can get all sorts of unusual things done for a set price.

I saw things like glitter bombs - where if you are mad at someone you can send them a letter that is all full of glitter and then when they open it up it goes everywhere and different types of art, etc.

The thing that caught my eye was a custom dance made JUST FOR YOU by BagioDancer.

He asked us to send him a song and asked what style we wanted. We sent him a song with my name on it "rickie don't lose that number" and told him to use his artistic vision and try to capture my enthusiasum for life.

​It took just a day or so. Maybe two. I've been busy but it came quickly. 
"Invincibles Hide A Hoot" by Kyjen

I like a LOT of things about the HIDE a HOOT. It's soft, it's plushy, it's cute it goes SQUEAKA SQUEAKA SQUEAKA when you try to kill each little Hooter Owl. There are 3 hooters and they aren't all filled up with fluff, they are filled with one GIANT squaker for guts. When you bite them they kinda crunch and then yell for help.SQUEAKA SQUEAKA SQUEKA!!!

Most squeaky toys and plush toys die right away when I chew on them and shake them and throw them over my shoulder. And once they are dead I destuff them and throw the guts all over the house! Well, Invisible Hide A Hoots don't do that. They stay whole for a long time. You CAN gut them but it takes some work. I tend to chew off an ear first then nibble from there and eventually I skin it. Once that is done, I can proudly strut with my hooter pelt and tease all my sisters and brother with it. I love to throw the pelts around and play with them after mommy has thrown the dead squeaker away. 

The 3 hooters live in a tree stump. But those things are stupid and don't hide in their stump without help from a human. I'm just saying if I was a hooter owl, I'd get my little self into that stump and NOT COME OUT. I mean haven't you seen all your friends skinned alive? Well, lucky for me they haven't.  

I have named my hooters and know the difference between Hooty Who, Hooty Two and Hooty New.  I hide them in places so others don't get them and if you try to play with my hooters without permission I might have to beat you up! You can ask Mr. Willis about that one. Seriously. playing with a girls hooters without asking! You deserve getting snapped at! 

Anyway, I got my hooters as a gift from my Grandma Rhonda. But mommy has found them online and on amazon so if you want some of your own, you can go get some.

RANKING: 5 of 5 stars. Durable, Good Quality. Awesome Squeakiness.